Baptist Theology in American Culture

Church Dynamics

The pages of this book constitute more of a journal than a theological work. These are my thoughts and meditations based on various readings, conversations, and other stimuli. Most of it is spiritual in focus. Some is political.

Tuning your church to sound like a symphony

It is the parts of music, combined together, that makes a musical piece beautiful and dynamic. So it is in a local church. The church, in order to be all that God has made it to be, must be a harmony of many parts functioning together. This book discusses the workings of those parts that make a church dynamic.


Learn from Nehemiah the Biblical principles of leadership.


God’s Word elevates the preaching of the Word of God as the means of saving souls and exhorting believers. Just what is preaching?


The more the congregation participates in the service, better the church looks and sounds to the visitor.


Music is an important feature of both Old and New Testament worship. A good philosophy of music must therefore be developed and practiced in the local church.


A Pastor’s Honest Response to Believers’ Sincere Questions

Over the thirty-six years I have been in the Baptist ministry, certain questions have repeatedly come to my ears. They tend to come from young people, teenagers, coming into their own, and bold enough to ask. As children, they attended church because their parents told them to. They attended the church they did, because their parents told them to, and they “believed” what they did because their parents told them to. Some of them grew up in homes where their parents tried to teach them not only what the church they attended believed, but why. In some cases, that didn’t happen, but in either case, in their transitional years, they feel an urgency to find a faith of their own. I do not believe their “questions” become a “challenge” unless they perceive that there is no answer for their questions forthcoming.If young people are asking these questions, it is more than likely that many adults have the same questions but are not as bold to ask. As the years are added, we bury more fenceposts in our social boundaries. Just because an adult doesn’t feel the same boldness to ask doesn’t mean their questions should not be answered.This work is the product of a short series of messages I delivered to the congregation of the church I am blessed to pastor. It is my prayer that these notes may be a blessing and help to them in the future, and to others who may find them.

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