The consequences of right and wrong thinking concerning church history

What we believe about the beginning and development of church history dramatically influences how we behave as Christians. It also impacts the testimony we have to the world around us.

The worldwide influence of the Apostles

With the supernatural enabling of the Lord these twelve turned more than the Middle East upside down for Christ. It is very possible that, by the end of the first century, much of the known world at the time, including Africa, India, China and Europe had first hand witness of the Apostle’s doctrine.

How quickly error and heresy spread

Before the end of the first century the Apostle’s themselves were locked in conflict with false doctrine.

The valiant stand of Anabaptists – forebears of today’s Baptists

The gates of hell have not prevailed on one family of churches. The Apostles doctrine has been preserved through the faithful ministries of the Anabaptists

Baptist Church History: A Simple Survey

The early history of Christian churches

Trace that history from the first century truth to early heresies

The rise of universal church theology

See the destruction to Christian faith caused by the marriage of government and the church.

The brave stand of faithful believers

Montanist, Donatists, Paulicians and others stood through fiery trials to guarantee we have the pure Word of God today

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