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Daniel, Foundation for the future

The Foundation for the Future

The book of Daniel sets the context for all prophetic understanding.When we understand the prophesies of Daniel we will be better able to understand each of the Old Testament prophets and the Book of the Revelation.

Grow in Personal Character

Daniel and his Hebrew friends give powerful testimony of the benefits of a life fully surrendered to God. Learn to stand for Biblical convictions. Learn to resist the pressures to compromise to the world’s thinking. Learn to have strength of conviction amid terrible threats.

Discover the mystery of Nebuchadnezzar’s dreams

With detail that has astounded believers and skeptics alike, Daniel interprets Nebuchadnezzar’s dreams and describes the future kingdoms of world history.

Unlock Daniel’s Seventy Weeks

The key to understanding God’s plan for Jews and Gentiles is discovered in the vision of the seventy weeks. See what this vision means and where it leads humanity

The book of Isaiah is considered by the Jews to be the most important of all the prophecies, not only for its volume but also for the content found within it. It was separated from the rest of the prophetical books into its own scroll.